About Expert Empire

Expert Empire in its simplest form is weekly conversation with experts in their field to extract actionable lessons for us all.

Why a conversation you ask? Well I think it’s a great way to get to know someone. You may think of it as an interview, but I often find those to be highly structured. I want to get to the heart of the expert and learn at least one valuable lesson.

It’s been said many times, “be interested, not interesting.”

And then there’s the whole question of being an expert. Simply put, you’re the most knolwedgeable person in the room. You likely know more than someone else at something, and everyone starts somewhere.

As for the empire, you don’t have to have an empire. It’s simply my collection of expert conversations – which I consider an empire.

About the host

Marshall StevensonI’m Marshall Stevenson, founder and host of Expert Empire. You might also consider me an expert – at something I hope. You see, I believe that everyone is an expert and I plan to introudce you to a number of them through Expert Empire conversations. It’s my constant quest for knowledge and ways to improve my business, life and relationships the lead me to create Expert Empire and I only thought it beneficial to share the journey with you.