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What can I say? I had no clue who Ed May was going in to our conversation other than knowing that we got connected on the 48 Days community when I was asking for experts to talk to. Well that meant I had to do some digging to ensure that it was a fun episode. What I didn’t expect to find was that being a professional puppeteer, like Ed is, could be so fun. I honestly felt like a little kid on Christmas opening the best gift in the world.

Ed has been a puppeteer for many years and in fact has recently launched Runaway Puppet Theater – his own theatre company. We talk about the approach he’s taking to grow his audience and reach within the education system. And as any puppeteer will tell you, most of the time you’re on contract so you’re constantly marketing your skills. That makes perfect sense then that I managed to find Ed’s demo reel online. The 0:26 mark is a particularly favorite part of the reel.

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