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Daniel J. Lewis

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Daniel J. Lewis is the guy behind noodle.mx – a podcast network dedicated to shows that make you think, laugh and succeed. In fact we had Erik J. Fisher of Beyond the To-Do List on Expert Empire and he’s a member of the network. And before you ask, not all contributors need the middle initial “J” to be a part. Daniel talks about how the network was created in part as an accident, but how it has provided such great leverage to him and his network of shows to rapidly grow an audience.

So why not just start your own podcast network then? Well, he actually gets into reasons why you may not want to actually consider starting your own and more so why it may be beneficial to join one. His requirements are pretty strict with a bit of lenience on joining his network, but there are lots of others you could consider. It’s really about ensuring it’s a win-win-win arrangement for everyone involved.

In addition to producing top-rated podcasts, Daniel also does a lot of WordPress work. He’s developed a premium plugin called Subscribe and Follow and regularly develops for the Genesis framework, so naturally we chat a little bit about WordPress too.

Experts mentioned

Erik J. Fisher
Matt Medeiros
Daniel Tosh
Jerry Seinfeld
Ray Ortega
Dave Jackson
Greg Hickman


Subscribe and Follow
Genesis framework

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