Dan Miller

021 – Dan Miller – Speaker, author & coach

"identify ten great books to read in the next twelve months"


Chatting with Dan Miller was a great experience for me. It’s helped me get in touch with what’s going on in my head and attempting to further clarify what Expert Empire is about. It still isn’t completely clear, but it helped give myself permission to take some time to clearly define the show, my life and everything else I can influence.

Seven areas of life
Personal development

Experts mentioned

Zig Ziglar
Michael Jordan
Malcolm Gladwell


48 Days free resource center
Pimsleur elite training system (Spanish)

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Gary Fawcett

020 – Gary Fawcett – Bee keeping expert

"get out there and talk to people - do research"


Gary Fawcett is an urban beekeeper and host of Kiwi Mana – a podcast dedicated to beekeeping – and a whole set of online beekeeping supplies and stories.

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Cesar Abeid

019 – Cesar Abeid – Project management expert

"think of your passions & strengths, then invest in them"


Cesar Abeid recently launched PM for the Masses a podcast devoted to discussing Project Management.

Experts mentioned

David Allen

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